Start a Team

Organizations can start a P2PU Team, a membership program that delivers comprehensive guidance for learning circle programs. Along with access to a suite of specialized tools and dedicated support, teams receive a 20% discount on all services listed below.

Course Creation


Develop and launch online courses about topics you care about, specifically designed for learning circles. P2PU can help with:

  • Learning Design: We’ve outlined the fundamentals of designing courses for learning circles in our Course Creation Guide. We can guide you through the process of establishing course goals, developing learning materials, and converting your expertise into effective and engaging activities.
  • Technical Setup and Hosting: Making decisions on how to create and present your course can be difficult. We can help you choose the right tool, manage the technical workflow, get things online, and maintain them for you. We tend to use Course-in-a-Box, but we are comfortable working with other course publishing tools as well. Recent courses we’ve developed include Making and Learning (with Pittsburgh Children’s Museum), We are AI (with New York University), and How to Talk About Race (with Amrita Patel and Denise LaForce).
  • Running a Pilot: Depending on the subject matter, we can identify a group to pilot your course and provide a round of feedback before you share your course with the world.



Co-host in-person and virtual events for your community with P2PU (karaoke optional). P2PU can help with:

  • Facilitator Training: Go in depth on facilitator practices, including navigating difficult discussions, facilitating particular topics, and working with a co-facilitator. Popular formats include a half day in-person workshop and a 5-week virtual learning circle.
  • Public Events: Work with us to produce an informal learning event for potential patrons and/or facilitators. This could be a standalone event (e.g. Kansas City and Boston) or part of a larger conference (e.g. Aarhus).

Software Solutions


Leverage P2PU’s open source software to work alongside your existing web properties. P2PU can help with:

  • Web Development: Build out a customized web presence for your learning circles, featuring your own branding, messaging resources, and calls to action.
  • Software Integration: Leverage our API to integrate the learning circle tools into your existing website.
  • White Labeling: Run a version of the learning circle software, and get complete creative control over how people experience learning circles in your community.
  • Translation: Translate the software into a new language (currently available in English, German, Polish, Romanian, Portuguese, and Finnish).

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