We belive in this

We Believe:

  • The power of community is transformative

    The future of learning is not in "disruptive" technologies. It lies in the power of people exploring together.
  • Open is the best way to work

    Anyone can join, make or contribute to a P2PU experience. We are a 100% open organisation.
  • Peers working together can move mountains

    Our courses nurture sharing, connection, and help folks feel generally comfortable on the internet.
We know this

We Know:

  • Real people sustain engagement

    Working with your peers keeps you engaged in a course.
  • Feedback improves projects

    Deep, substantative feedback makes your project better.
  • Comfort leads to learning

    When you tinker, play and feel comfortable, you spend more time on a learning project.
  • There are several paths to the answer

    People learn in different ways, and we design for diversity.

Who are we?

A passionate & powerful team of mostly volunteers.

P2PU would be nothing without our inspiring community, who are the core of our open activities. This community is made up of people from all over the world, who are working together to build a new kind of university online. Sound good? Then we'd love you to join us.

Meet the community

How we work

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We are a community

We're a group of learners, coders, thinkers, practitioners, educators and organizers. We come together on our Discourse community to share resources, recommendations and support each other to build learning communities.

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We build learning communities online

We craft great online learning experiences using the best tools for the job.

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We make how-to's and toolkits

We document how we make engaging, innovative, sustainable learning experiences, and we create tools to help you make your own.

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We answer the hard questions

We have a regular round table where we discuss big questions in open online learning, share our successes and learn from each other. Guests include folks from Khan Academy, Hack Education, Mozilla and NYU.

We give talks and workshops

We go to conferences to shareour expertise on learning technology, community design and openness.

We help folks make open courses and tools

If you're looking to make a course, get started with our "School in a Box." We also provide consulting services in learning design, technical implementation and community-building.

Just here to learn something?

We offer a great variety of community built courses along with some that were produced in collaboration with our partners

Our collaborators and clients include:

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