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Also known as “work readiness” or “job preparedness training”, job readiness has varying definitions across institutions. We’re defining it as getting the job: gaining the skills and developing the strategies necessary to effectively search for employment, build a resume, and improve interview skills. More than 25% of learning circle participants globally indicate that they are participating at least in part because they are looking for a new job. Learning circles can approach this from a variety of perspectives, including searching for employment, building a resume, and improving interview skills.


  • Honor the varying degrees of urgency: while some patrons may be looking to change an existing job, others may not have a job and may feel less patient with the process depending on their situation. A good way to address this is to ensure that there are tangible takeaways from each meeting (e.g. an updated resume, feedback on a cover letter).
  • Job interests and experience will vary with every group of participants. Make sure to allow some time for individuals to briefly share about their personal goals so that they feel connected to the process, and encourage realistic goal setting (and reevaluation) multiple times throughout the course.
  • Connect open access learning materials to local job boards. Many learning circles have paired open access course materials with local resources and job boards, allowing the learning circles to serve as a place to both identify job opportunities and refine application materials.

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