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Communication is the exchange of information through verbal, nonverbal, or written means. Every person has a unique communication style that can be intentionally adapted to contexts like public speaking and technical writing. Developing one’s communication skills can have great positive impacts on relationships, careers, and personal achievements. 


  • In learning circles focused on public speaking, active learner engagement is particularly important. The Meeting Structure section of our Knowledge Base contains an extensive list of exercises to encourage active participation. At the beginning of your learning circle, assess individual learners’ goals for improving their communication skills to identify the specific type of feedback that will be valuable to the learner.
  • Learners commonly experience some nervousness when asked to speak publicly. Create opportunities for students to build relationships with one another so that they feel a sense of belonging. A positive, supportive environment can go a long way to easing anxiety. 
  • Chances are there are existing writing programs in your neighborhood, which you can connect with. Boston runs fiction writing learning circles as a run up to NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), and Chicago Public Library has invited local poetry groups into the library for creative writing learning circles.

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