Learning Circles are lightly-facilitated study groups for learners who want to take freely available online courses together, in-person. P2PU can help you create a Learning Circle, find a course to study, or join an existing Learning Circle. We believe that anybody can become a facilitator, and whether you want to run a single Learning Circle in your home or organize dozens across an urban library system, you've come to the right place. Below are the three steps we recommend you take to get going!

Step 1: Create an account

We highly recommend signing up to run your Learning Circle with our free software tools. These tools (collectively, we call them the Facilitator Dashboard) will generate a webpage where people can sign up for your Learning Circle, gather applications, allow you to communicate with learners via email or SMS, send learners automatic reminders before each Learning Circle, and prompt you to share weekly feedback with learners, P2PU, and other facilitators around the world.

Step 2: Read this guide

You can download it all as a .pdf, or read it online by navigating through the tabs on the left. The guide includes tips, tricks, checklists and templates to help you advertise, prepare for, and run your Learning Circle.

Step 3: Get in touch

Head over to the facilitator community to share feedback, photos, suggestions, and questions with facilitators from around the world.

If you’d like to learn more about how P2PU can support you while you run your Learning Circles, get in touch and we can talk about it! Our services include facilitator training workshops, course selection and development, custom program design, ongoing facilitator support, web hosting, and software tool integration. If you're on your own and you just have a question, you can drop us a line too. :)